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Pleco Club (Singapore) Forums Aug 1, 2007  



PCS is proud to provide a whole new communication avenue bringing Pleco and Aquatic lovers closer together with discussion and sharing of individual expertise.

Forum is now open to public and registration is free. Register to join us in our discussions. All users are advised to read below information prior usage of forum services.

Forum Link : http://www.plecoclub.org/forum

1. Registration Procedure
  Online Registration
 - Registration can be done via: Online Form

 - Accessed via top left corner "Register" of PCS Forum Navigation Bar
  Email Verification
 - An account activation code will be sent to your supplied email account for email verification.
  Account Approval
 - Activated accounts will be moderated for approval by our forum administrators.
 - All submitted accounts will receive status of submission via email within 1 week.
 - In event of technical difficulties, feel free to post or start a new thread in "Help, Troubleshoot & Testing".

2. User Notes and Disclaimer
  User Acceptance
 - Use of forum is deemed as acceptance of terms & conditions which is subjected to be modified at discretion by PCS Management without prior notice.
 - No clones/double nicknames are allowed. Violators will be banned permanently.
  Individual Conduct
 - Vulgarities, swearing, flamings and personal attacks will not be tolerated by Forum Moderators.
 - Disputes and all matters not affiliated to PCS are to be exchanged via private messages only.

Individual comments not pertaining to topic nature are advised to be directed via private messages.


Off-thread posts will be moderated at sole-discretion of Forum Moderators.


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